FAQ: Where Can I Get The Abortion Pill In Canada?

Is the abortion pill legal in Canada?

Medical abortions are available in Canada using medications such as methotrexate, or misoprostol, and/or mifepristone. Mifepristone used in combination with misoprostol (brand name Mifegymiso) was approved for use in Canada when prescribed by a doctor on July 29, 2015.

Can your primary doctor give you the abortion pill?

You can get the abortion pill from a doctor, nurse, health clinic, or Planned Parenthood health center.

How much does an abortion cost in Canada?

If you have other provincial health insurance, you will be required to pay for your services out of pocket. You can seek reimbursement from your home province. If have no health insurance, you will be required to pay for your services out of pocket. At Choice in Health Clinic, surgical abortions cost $400.00.

How easy is it to get an abortion in Canada?

Abortion is legal in Canada and is regulated in the same way as all other medical procedures. If you are pregnant and you want to discuss having an abortion, talk to your family doctor or the staff at your local birth control clinic.

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How can I terminate an early pregnancy in Canada?

The usual method of termination of pregnancy in Canada is surgical. Medical abortion is technically simple but demands careful follow-up. It can be performed in the office and carried out either by gynaecologists or family physicians.

Can I get an abortion without a parent in Canada?

You do not need your parents ‘ consent to have an abortion unless your doctor believes you are not mature enough to understand the consequences of having an abortion. Hospitals, clinics and health insurance plans are obligated to keep confidential the names of all women who have abortions.

What happens after taking abortion pills?

You might have: lots of cramping and aches in your belly. very heavy bleeding with large clots (If you don’t have any bleeding within 24 hours after taking the second medicine, misoprostol, call your nurse or doctor.) an upset stomach and vomiting (Your doctor or nurse may give you medicine to help with nausea.)

How can I clean my womb after miscarriage?

If you’ve had a miscarriage, your provider may recommend: Dilation and curettage (also called D&C). This is a procedure to remove any remaining tissue from the uterus. Your provider dilates (widens) your cervix and removes the tissue with suction or with an instrument called a curette.

Does insurance cover abortion pill?

The abortion pill is covered by insurance if your state allows for the procedure. After the initial 10 weeks, you would need to have a surgical abortion, which can be slightly more expensive. Typically, a surgical abortion can cost anywhere between $800 and over $3,000 for later pregnancies without health insurance.

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How long does an abortion take?

You’ll go to a health center for counseling, an exam, and the abortion. The abortion itself usually takes 5-10 minutes, and you’ll get medicine to help with any pain.

What is the abortion pill called?

Medical abortion can be done using the following medications: Oral mifepristone (Mifeprex) and oral misoprostol (Cytotec). This is the most common type of medical abortion. These medications are usually taken within seven weeks of the first day of your last period.

How do abortions work in Canada?

Dilation and evacuation (D&E) is typically done when an abortion occurs in the second 12 weeks (second trimester) of pregnancy. It usually includes a combination of vacuum aspiration, dilation and curettage (D&C), and the use of surgical instruments (such as forceps) to clear the uterus of fetal and placental tissue.

Is healthcare free in Canada?

Canada’s universal health-care system With it, you don’t have to pay for most health-care services. The universal health-care system is paid for through taxes. All provinces and territories will provide free emergency medical services, even if you don’t have a government health card.

At what point can you not get an abortion in Canada?

While medical abortion care improves access to abortion, it is only available until 9 weeks of gestation, which doesn’t always leave enough time. Access to abortion needs to include surgical abortion and needs to expand beyond 24 weeks— Canadians wanting an abortion past 24 weeks currently have to travel to the US.

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