Question: How To Search All Of Canada On Kijiji?

Is Kijiji Canada only?

The Kijiji brand is used in more than 100 cities in Canada and Italy, while eBay Classifieds websites are available under different brands in other countries (Gumtree in the UK and for the Netherlands).

How do I change my location on Kijiji?

Click Post Ad and fill in your title and category. Under the Ad Details section, click on the Location drop-down menu and select your area. In the Address field, enter the address you would like those viewing your ad to see. This can be as specific as your street address, or as vague as your city.

Can you get banned from Kijiji?

Any ads that do not comply with Kijiji policies may be removed from the site. Additionally, users who violate such policies may be blocked from using Kijiji in the future.

How do I increase my visibility on Kijiji?

Here are a few tips from our experts:

  1. Use an attention-grabbing title.
  2. Add humour!
  3. A picture says a thousand words.
  4. Double-check your city and category.
  5. Make sure your price is in line with the current market.
  6. Pay a little, get a lot!
  7. Identical twins are cool. Identical ads are not.
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Is there a Canadian version of eBay?

eBay Canada is the Canadian version of an international online auction and e-commerce platform and marketplace that enables people and businesses to buy and sell a wide variety of goods and services worldwide.

Does Kijiji show your email?

Your email address and the sender’s email address will remain masked throughout the transaction (showing the domain as @rts. The only place where your email will not be masked is in replies to professional listings or ads in the Jobs category.

Why can’t I find my ad on Kijiji?

If you cannot find your ad in your account by clicking My Ads, please be sure you are signed into the correct account. You can check which account you’re signed into by going into Account Settings. The email shown there should be the same address that received the “Your Kijiji Ad Is Active!” confirmation email.

How do I change the category on my Kijiji ad?

Sign in to Kijiji Autos. Click your Profile Button (the button with your name) and select Manage Ads from the list. Click Edit underneath the ad you would like to edit. You’ll be brought to the main 3 categories of information.

How do you add a filter on Kijiji?

Filters can be added before or after you start a search. From the search results page, you can add, edit, or delete filters by tapping + Filters.

What sells most on Kijiji?

Here’s what Kijiji has measured as the most exchanged items in Canada:

  • Clothing, shoes and fashion accessories.
  • Entertainment items (books, CDs)
  • Baby clothing & accessories.
  • Furniture (new among top 5 for 2017)
  • Games, toys and video games (down one spot from last year)
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Can I have 2 Kijiji accounts?

You only need one single Kijiji account. Then post multiple ads from that one account. Make sure for each ad you select a different location (for each city you’re targeting).

How many free ads can I post on Kijiji?

Each household or business can post up to 2 free service ads at a time, combined across most of the service categories. There are 4 exceptions that require a listing fee with each ad: Moving and Storage.

Should I give my phone number on Kijiji?

if the ad asks for a name and phone number, SEND YOUR NAME AND PHONE NUMBER. This way I know you’re serious. If it’s not there, your message gets deleted. Even if they don’t ask for a number, send it anyway.

How does Kijiji make money?

Today, Kijiji has three revenue sources. In addition to banner ads, the site sells more prominent positions within results and more elaborate displays for ads like photo galleries. Also, car dealers and housing rental companies pay subscription fees for their listings.

How do I post on Kijiji without paying?

To post a Wanted ad: select I Want under Ad Type. To post as Free or Swap/ Trade: select a price of Free or Swap / Trade. Please note: only items that are being offered for free, with no additional stipulations, are permitted to be posted in this manner.

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