Quick Answer: Who Is The Deputy Prime Minister Of Canada?

Is Chrystia Freeland still deputy prime minister?

Christina Alexandra Freeland PC MP (born August 2, 1968) is a Canadian politician serving as the tenth deputy prime minister of Canada since 2019 and as the minister of finance since 2020.

What is the role of a deputy prime minister?

A deputy prime minister traditionally serves as acting prime minister when the prime minister is temporarily absent or incapable of exercising power. One or two of these deputy prime ministers may hold the title of a First Deputy Prime Minister.

What is the Prime Minister of Canada salary?

Prime Minister of Canada

Prime Minister of Canada Premier ministre du Canada
Formation July 1, 1867
Deputy Deputy Prime Minister of Canada
Salary CA$365,200 (2020)
Website pm.gc.ca


Is there a deputy prime minister?

The Deputy Prime Minister (or DPM) is the second highest ranking executive officer of the government of the United Kingdom and the deputy chief of the Cabinet. The position was created in 1942 and Clement Attlee was the first Deputy Prime Minister. There has been no Deputy Prime Minister since 2015.

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Who is 2nd in command in Canada?

Canadian deputy prime ministers are appointed to the Privy Council and styled as the Honourable (French: l’honorable), a privilege maintained for life. Chrystia Freeland is the tenth and current deputy prime minister of Canada, having assumed the role on November 20, 2019.

Did they ever find Justin Trudeau’s brother?

He was taking a backcountry skiing trip with some friends in Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park when he was swept into Kokanee Lake and unable to reach the shore. His companions were unable to effect a rescue, and Trudeau drowned. An extensive search was launched, but his body has never been found.

What does the Minister of Foreign Affairs Canada do?

The minister of foreign affairs (French: Ministre des Affaires étrangères) is the minister of the Crown in the Canadian Cabinet who is responsible for overseeing the Government of Canada’s international relations and is the lead minister responsible for Global Affairs Canada, though the minister of international trade

Who is now deputy prime minister?

The seventh and last deputy prime minister was L. K. Advani, who took on the role in addition to his home ministership from 2002 to 2004 in Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s government. The current government does not have a Deputy Prime Minister.

How long can Canadian prime minister stay in power?

Canadian prime ministers do not have a fixed term of office. Nor do they have term limits. Instead, they can stay in office as long as their government has the confidence of a majority in the House of Commons of Canada under the system of responsible government.

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What does a deputy leader do?

A deputy leader (in Scottish English, sometimes depute leader) in the Westminster system is the second-in-command of a political party, behind the party leader. Deputy leaders often become Deputy Prime Minister when their parties are elected to government.

Who are the federal cabinet ministers of Canada?


  • The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau. Prime Minister of Canada.
  • The Honourable Chrystia Freeland.
  • The Honourable Lawrence MacAulay.
  • The Honourable Carolyn Bennett.
  • The Honourable Dominic LeBlanc.
  • The Honourable Jean-Yves Duclos.
  • The Honourable Marc Garneau.
  • The Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau.

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