Readers ask: Why Is Canada Am Ending?

What happened to Canada AM?

Canada AM, which for 44 years was the national morning show on CTV, is no more. On Thursday, owner Bell Media announced that Friday would be the last show. On Monday, Bell Media announced its replacement: Your Morning, hosted by Ben Mulroney and Anne-Marie Mediwake.

What happened to Jeff Hutcheson?

An award winning broadcaster Jeff is also a best selling author of 2 books – “Best of Canada” and our favourite “Best of Atlantic Canada” – and while his homeland is just a smidge west he’s enjoying retirement at home on Prince Edward Island.

Who are the hosts of CTV Morning Live Atlantic?

Ana Almeida, Jennifer Grudic and Amanda Debison breathe new life into morning television with their combination of energy, wit and passion for the place we call home.

Is Anne Marie mediwake still on your morning?

Anne Marie Abeyesinghe Mediwake is a Canadian television news anchor. On April 27, 2016, Mediwake left her position as co-host of CBC Toronto News at 6 p.m., returning to CTV as co-host of their new national morning show, Your Morning, in summer 2016.

Is Kelsey on CTV pregnant?

Kelsey reveals she is pregnant with emotional video featuring her family.

Why is Ben Not on your morning?

Ben Mulroney announced his immediate departure as the face of the celebrity news show on Monday’s broadcast of his other hosting gig, Your Morning, which he will continue to helm. Exeter said Mulroney misinterpreted a social media call to support Black voices as a personal attack.

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